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Congratulations!  🎊
Barb Ackerman had a “hole in one” on #5 at Tanasi. Witnesses were Linda Brenner, Sheryl Morales, and Kathryn Ward.   A fun day for all I’m sure!  

Barb Ackerman Hole in One


6/17/2020:  Message from

our President, Laura:

Hi Gals,
     We’re into a new phase of our league play while following the “guidelines” of the day, and we hope everyone has enjoyed the slightly different tee times.     Many of you are aware that other groups have begun shotgun starts — we will begin them soon.   In the meantime, let’s enjoy each other and the games that Ann and Jeff come up with!   Go winners!
     New members, listen up!  I want to remind you what happens to the points that you are winning each week.   About mid-July we will translate those points into dollars and present these to you in certificate form which you’ll be able to redeem for merchandise at our pro shops.  We will repeat this procedure when the year ends.  Boy, they have LOTS of good looking stuff this year!   Play and win….repeat!
     Another reminder is about posting scores.  Here is what our league handbook says about this — 
“Each player is responsible for returning a completed scorecard (as determined by the Professional Staff) after EVERY round of golf, both at home and away.

Post scores in all forms of play — stroke play and even team competitions in which you are requested to pick up. If a player does not finish a hole or is conceded a stroke, the player shall record their MOST LIKELY SCORE. MOST LIKELY SCORE is the number of strokes already taken plus the estimated number of strokes needed to complete the hole.

You are to post your score when you play at least 13 holes of an 18-hole round or at least 7 holes of a 9-hole round. On the holes you did not play, record a par plus any handicap strokes you would have received for that hole.”

    Now that we are responsible for posting individually, some of the wording above may need to be altered, but you get the idea.   Actually, there is lots to read in the handbook that may be of interest to many.   Take a look again!

Stay safe and enjoy our early summer days!

Laura Imboden


2020 TVLGA-18 Board of Directors

2020 TVLGA18 Board

From left to right: 

Ann Silvis – Vice President,  Sarah Havens – Member at Large & Web Master,  Barb Akerman – Treasurer,  Jeff Harrington – PGA Pro & League Advisor,  Emily Koepp – Secretary,  Laura Imboden – President,  Carol Gouty – Past President & Nominating Chair,  Patti Furrier – Membership Chairman.


Check the “Schedule Page” to see any recent updates.


2020 Membership Flyer Screenshot

The 2020 Membership Application can be opened and printed out here: 

TVLGA 2020 Membership Application

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The USGA is rolling out a new Handicap System January 2020.  Below are links to learn more about it: 

Five things you need to know about the new Handicap System

Very Important – Maximum Score Rule:

New Maximum Score Rule


Below is  a terrific USGA handicap calculator.  It will be important for you to know your handicap DAILY so you might want to download this “ap” to your phone so you can easily check your current handicap status.


Membership shall be limited to women with a valid POA number who have paid their League dues. New members must have a maximum USGA handicap of thirty-six (36) or less for the home (Toqua) course, or have turned in 5 attested 18-hole scores which would produce a handicap of 36 or less at Toqua, to be eligible to compete in League events. The League plays by the current USGA GOLF RULES.



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