Membership shall be limited to women with a valid POA number who have paid their League dues. New members must have a maximum USGA handicap of thirty-six (36) or less for the home (Toqua) course, or have turned in 5 attested 18-hole scores which would produce a handicap of 36 or less at Toqua, to be eligible to compete in League events. The League plays by the current USGA GOLF RULES.


Membership Application 2018 (Word Doc)

Membership Application 2018 (PDF)


Executive Board 2018

President – Meri Coles

Vice President – Carol Gouty

Secretary – Lorene Branz

Treasurer – Michelle Spicer

Membership – Sue Bowman

Member At Large – Carol Padgett

Past President/Nominating Chair – Sharon Vaughan


UPDATED  12/20/2017