Holes in One

(From the TVLGA-18 Bylaws) HOLE-IN-ONE CLUB:  Each member of the TVLGA-18 is eligible to participate in the Hole-In-One Club for a $5.00 entry fee. The cost may be included with the yearly membership dues, or a check may be submitted directly to the Treasurer. The Hole-In-One Club year begins on the first day of League play in the spring and ends the day before the start of League the following spring. The hole-in-one does not have to be made on a league play-day; it does have to be made on one of the Tellico Village courses and witnessed.  It must be a postable scoreand must be reported as soon as possible to the Golf Pro Shop.  A copy of the signed score card is to be submitted to the President of the league. The payout of the Hole-In-One money will be made at the Opening Luncheon with the amount determined by monies received from participants. If more than one hole-in-one is made during the year, the payout will be divided among the members scoring a hole-in-one. If no hole-in-one is made during the year, the money will be carried over to the next year.

Our members who have achieved the amazing “Hole in One” accomplishment!

Congratulations to Sue Miller on her perfect Hole-In-One, September 7th, 2021, at Kahite #8 – It was a 110 yard shot with an 8 Iron. It was Sue’s first ACE, believe it or not!!

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Hole In One!! Gail Wiggins – June 27th, 2021

Toqua #17

Congratulations Gail!!!

Hole in One!! Janet Kincaid – June 24, 2021

Tanasi #5 – Janet’s fifth Hole in One!

Congratulations to Janet!!

And another HOLE IN ONE!!! Her 6th in her career!!!


Kahite #8 — June 8, 2021



TOQUA #13 — MAY 30, 2021


to Marti Ellerman for her Hole-In-One on #5 at Toqua!!!

Ace Alert!!
Congratulations to Kathryn Ward who got a Hole In One on Toqua, #13, yellow tees!  She wrote:
“I’m Kathryn   Ward. I got a Hole in one today on Toqua Golf Course on hole # 13 from the yellow tees, approximately 123 yards. I used a 5 Hybrid club. I was playing with Ann Silvis, Hilde Stein and Randy Bray who joined us today. He didn’t sign the card. 
So exciting!
Kathryn Ward”

Congratulations Michelle Spicer 

Tanasi hole #8 on June 11th with 6 hybrid, Precept Laddie ball  Witnessed by Patty Furrier, Nancy Tretinik, Jan Sykes.