Holes in One

(From the TVLGA-18 Bylaws) HOLE-IN-ONE CLUB:  Each member of the TVLGA-18 is eligible to participate in the Hole-In-One Club for a $5.00 entry fee. The cost may be included with the yearly membership dues, or a check may be submitted directly to the Treasurer. The Hole-In-One Club year begins on the first day of League play in the spring and ends the day before the start of League the following spring. The hole-in-one does not have to be made on a league play-day; it does have to be made on one of the Tellico Village courses and witnessed.  It must be a “postable” scoreand must be reported as soon as possible to the Golf Pro Shop.  A copy of the signed score card is to be submitted to the President of the league. The payout of the Hole-In-One money will be made at the Opening Luncheon with the amount determined by monies received from participants. If more than one hole-in-one is made during the year, the payout will be divided among the members scoring a hole-in-one. If no hole-in-one is made during the year, the money will be carried over to the next year.

2022/2023 HOLES IN ONE

Sue Miller – Hole in One – Made on July 5th, 2022 on #5 at Kahite
Essie McGhee – Hole in One – Made on July 9th, 2022 on #3 at Toqua

Our Hole-In-One Winners (2020-2023)

Our members who have achieved the amazing “Hole in One” accomplishment (in past years)!

Essie McGhee7/9/22Toqua #3
Sue Miller7/5/22Kahite #5
Noi McKay3/7/2022 Toqua #3
Sue Miller9/7/2021Kahite #8
Gail Wiggins6/27/2021Toqua #17
Janet Kincaid6/24/2021Tanasi #5
Reba Richmond6/8/2021Kahite #8
Janet Means5/30/2021Toqua #13
Marti EllermanToqua #5
Kathryn WardToqua #13
Michelle Spicer6/11/2020Tanasi #8