2 Person Team Games4 Person Team Games
Score Par 3’s and Par 4’s only50/50 Drawing
Best 9 ScoreBeat the Putt
Odds/EvensBeat the Drive
Take 3 Scores, 2 Scores, 1 Score72 Club – end of year drawing
Pick 6 after roundBeat the Pro – end of year drawing
Circle 10 League Activity Before PlayAlternating Shot
Gross StablefordMatch Play
Net StablefordSkills Games
Flip/Flop – flip a coin for scores usedWhack and Hack – use lowest & highest score
3 Hole Throw Away – throw 3 out at end of roundChip Ins
Low PuttsMember/Member Tournament
Member/Guest TournamentRarity Bay Challenge
Give Back DayPIN Day
Solheim CupLeague Championship
Scramble PlayZany Dress Day